Self-care for fatigue in patients With HIV.

Inge B. Corless, Eli Haugen Bunch, Jeanne K. Kemppainen, William L. Holzemer, Kathleen M. Nokes, Lucille Sanzero Eller, Carmen J. Portillo, Ellen Butensky, Patrice K. Nicholas, Catherine A. Bain, Sheila Davis, Kenn M. Kirksey, Fang Yu Chou

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PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES: To identify when fatigue is reported as a problem by people who are HIV positive, what the perception of fatigue is, and which self-care behaviors are used and with what efficacy. DESIGN: Multisite descriptive study. SETTING: University-based AIDS clinics, community-based organizations, and homecare agencies located in cities across the United States, in Norway, and through a university Web site. SAMPLE: Convenience sample of 422 self-identified people who are HIV positive. MAIN RESEARCH VARIABLES: Symptom description, symptom relief, symptom help, and self-care strategies. FINDINGS: The sixth most reported symptom in this study, fatigue, was treated with a variety of self-designed strategies. In only three instances was consultation with a healthcare provider (i.e., physician) or an injection (medication not defined) mentioned. The most frequently used interventions were supplements, vitamins, and nutrition followed by sleep and rest; exercise; adjusting activities, approaches, and thoughts; distraction; and complementary and alternative therapies. In addition to self-designed strategies, the media and friends and family were sources of information. CONCLUSIONS: Fatigue was reported less frequently in this study than in other HIV-, AIDS-, or cancer-related studies. This may be an artifact of the study design. The use of informal networks for assistance, let alone the prevalence of unrelieved fatigue, indicates the need for more attention to this problem among people with AIDS. IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING: Careful assessment of the pattern of fatigue and its onset, duration, intervention, and resolution is required if the varied types of fatigue are to be identified and treated successfully.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)E60-69
JournalOncology nursing forum
Issue number5
StatePublished - Jun 2002

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