Serologically demonstrable cell surface specificities on mouse neuroblastoma C1300

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The catalogue of antigens demonstrable on the surface of mouse neuroblastoma C1300 cells, which are of sympathetic neuronal origin, is similar to that of normal brain tissue. Whereas the tumour grown in vivo shows concordance with normal brain except for the presence of GCSA in the tumor, the tissue culture line NB41A grown in vitro is deficient in 2 of the antigenic specificities, Thy 1 and 'NZB autoantigen'. No difference in representation of antigens tested on the in vitro grown clone NB41A was found for the attached 'differentiated' compared with the non attached 'undifferentiated' cells. The results described here encourage further study of the surface membrane of C1300 to seek and characterize cell surface markers of neuronal cells.

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StatePublished - Dec 1 1973
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