Strengths and weaknesses of the greenhouse industry in New York

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This project was conducted to explore the drivers of the greenhouse industry in Monroe County: its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The following information was obtained from 21 respondents to the greenhouse survey. Their total annual gross sales volume for greenhouse floricultural crops in Monroe County in 1999 was $6.8 million. The average annual sales per greenhouse firm were $326,095. The average greenhouse in Monroe County was 1,940 m2 in size, selling about 75% of their product retail and 25% through wholesale channels. Bedding plants were the most important crop, but there was a lot of diversity within the county. Even though the average greenhouse was only about 1,940 m2 in size, they were full-time businesses, generating a substantial amount of income. Despite competition from Canada and preferential advantages afforded Canadian growers since NAFTA took effect in January 1994, the industry is growing and thriving. New firms have been created, and older ones are still in business. Six respondents increased the size of their greenhouse operation while only one firm decreased in size in the last five years. Nine firms planned to expand their operation in the next five years. Respondents identified the greatest deterrents to expanding their greenhouse operations were business management and marketing issues, which were much more important than production issues. In pricing their crops, producers considered market demand as the most important factor, followed by cost of production and product uniqueness.

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