Synergistic enhancement by interleukin-1 α of cisplatin-mediated antitumor activity in RIF-1 tumor-bearing C3H/HeJ mice

Candace S. Johnson, Ming Jei Chang, Wei Dong Yu, Ruth A. Modzelewski, Jennifer R. Grandis, Daniel R. Vlock, Philip Furmanski

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Administration of interleukin-1 α (IL-1 α) plus certain cytotoxic drugs causes substantially greater clonogenic tumor-cell kill and tumor-regrowth delay than does treatment with either agent alone. IL-1 α itself has little effect on tumor growth despite its ability to induce acute hemorrhagic necrosis, restrict tumor blood flow, and cause microvascular injury in a variety of murine model systems. To investigate further IL-1 α's ability to enhance the antitumor activity of cytotoxic drugs, we initiated studies to examine the effect of IL-1 α on cisplatin (cDDP)-mediated cytotoxicity using the RIF-1 tumor system. The antitumor activity of IL-1 α and cDDP was quantitated through standard clonogenic tumor-cell survival assays, a tumor hemorrhagic necrosis assay and tumor-regrowth delay studies, with the interaction between IL-1 α and cDDP being analyzed through median dose-effect. In vitro, IL-1 α had no enhancing effect on the cDDP-mediated tumorcell kill. For examination of the in vivo efficacy of this regimen. RIF-1 tumor-bearing C3H/HeJ mice (14 days postimplantation) were treated concurrently with single i.p. injections of IL-1 α and/or cDDP at various doses. The increased clonogenic tumor-cell kill obtained with IL-1 α /cDDP was dose-dependent, with significant enhancement by IL-1 α being observed (P<0.001), even at the lowest doses tested (2 mg/kg and 6 μg/kg for cDDP and IL-1 α, respectively), but it did not correlate with an increase in tumor hemorrhage. Using median dose-effect analysis, this interaction was determined to be strongly synergistic. When treated animals were monitored for long-term antitumor effects, combinations with IL-1 α significantly increased the tumor-regrowth delay and decreased the fractional tumor volume (P<0.001). These results demonstrate that IL-1 α synergistically enhances cDDP mediated in vivo antitumor activity and suggest that the combination of IL-1 α and cDDP may have potential therapeutic application in the design of effective treatment modalities for cancer.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)339-346
Number of pages8
JournalCancer chemotherapy and pharmacology
Issue number5
StatePublished - Sep 1993
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