The duty to protect the victim - or the duty to suffer punishment?

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This paper addresses The Ends of Harm by Victor Tadros. In it, I attempted to explore some of the implications of Tadros's theory of punishment, particularly those following from the uneasy relationship between punishment of the offender (D) and D's duty to protect the victim (V) from future harm. Among my concerns were: the apparent underinclusiveness of Tadros's theory of punishment; the vague and unpredictable scope of D's liabilities; the taking away by the state of V's right to be protected; and the lack of inherent limitations on the appropriate forms and amounts of punishment. I also questioned the true meaning of the duty incurred by D as a result of D's wrongdoing and suggested that protection of Vs from future harm may not be as essential to Tadros's justification of punishment as he has argued.

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JournalLaw and Philosophy
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StatePublished - Mar 2013

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