War Damage and Reconstruction in the Islamic Republic of Iran

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This chapter focuses on destructions and reconstructions in Iran. The most significant effort undertaken to date in the search for a suitable reconstruction strategy was the organization of the International Conference on Reconstruction of the War-Damaged Areas of Iran, which was held at Tehran University from March 6 to March 16, 1986. Among the participants from the Islamic Republic were the president, the prime minister, and several ministers, deputy ministers, and other high-level policy-makers. According to the terms of the Constitution, the economic system is composed of three sectors: government, cooperatives, and private. The Islamic Republic needs to expand its classification of damage and to establish a central independent organization with various specialized agencies, work groups, and research teams to centralize the damage-estimation activities and create a central data file system. The Islamic Republic has experimented with many ways of mobilizing for both the war and reconstruction.

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